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FibreAgent is your fibre-rich 100% pure and natural fibre powder. A rich fibre supplement that aids digestive support and gut health, known for being well tolerated by the gut with less gas and bloating effects. Naturally highly soluble and instantised to aid quick mixing and to avoid lumping (See suggestions section here).


*** 350g giving you over a month's supply of 10g daily servings to boost your daily fibre intake.***


20ml (10g) Scoop is included.


Can be added to water or any drink or sprinkled on your cereal or favourite food.


Unlike some other fibre supplements, FibreAgent acacia fibre has a very mild taste and low calories.


FibreAgent also has superior emulsifying, thickening and stablising properties. It is a baking, glazing agent that will not change the taste, will raise a cake and improves the mouthfeel.


Try adding a small amount as coffee or tea creamer and enjoy increasing your fibre intake.


See back for package for more information.


100% Recyclable packaging.

FibreAgent™️ 350g Pouch.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Get a Monthly Agent
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£11.99every month for 6 months
  • 100% acacia (Highest quality Senegal grade ) only. 

    35 servings of 10g acacia fibre.

    Rich in soluble fibre. Instantised for optimum absorption.   

    Nothing else added. 

    Scoop is included.

    Recyclable package. 

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