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We are often attending food festivals to give everyone a chance to learn about fascinating Acacia gum and our FibreAgent.

Here are some of the food festivals we attended in the last year.  

Bristol February 2024. Venue: Document   

Free From Festival. Date:  24 February 2024

The Keto Festival. Date:  25 February 2024

Free From and Keto Food Festival Bristol. Maison d'acacia Stand.

Hampton Court Palace Food Festival 2023

Venue: Hampton Court Palace London. Date:  26-28 August 2023

Hampton Court Palace Food Festival. Maison d'acacia Stand.

Bath Vegan Festival 2023

Venue: Bath Pavilion - Bath. Date: 3rd June 2023. 

Bath Vegan Festival 2023.  Bath Pavilion. Maison d'acacia Stand.

The Keto Festival 2023

Venue: The Woolwich Works - London. Date:  28th May 2023.

Keto Food Festival. London Woolwich Works. Maison d'acacia Stand.
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