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Maison d'acacia gum arabic acacia gum FibreAgent
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At Maison d'acacia we are passionate about nutritious food and the benefits to human health. One of the most versatile and beneficial food we are impassioned about is Acacia gum, also known as gum arabic and acacia fibre. This page is intended to inform you about the sole ingredient in FibreAgent, as we value transparency with our customers and we believe in the importance of shedding more light on this magnificent food and raw ingredient.  


Acacia gum not only has many names such as Acacia Senegal, Hashab, etc., it is probably the most versatile, natural ubiquitous raw ingredient that has been used for thousands of years in very diverse sectors. Yes thousands of years!

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The ancient Egyptians, who referred to it as Kami, used it for medicinal as well as a main nutritional source of food. Not only that, but they also used it for painting. 


Today, it is extensively used in diverse sectors, from bakery to beverages to confectionery, health supplements, cosmetics and arts binding and lithography. It's main functional role, where it exhibits superior qualities, remains to be as an emulsifying, thickening and stabilizing agent in our everyday foods. More recently it has been used in applications as a gluten replacement ingredient and given its natural credentials and powerful properties, it's is featuring more in "Clean-label" foods. 


At Maison d'acacia, our goal is to promote the many beneficial uses and applications of Acacia gum in its various forms. We value the importance of balanced healthy nutrition and we see how acacia fibre can contribute to this. We appreciate the importance of sustainability and how we all have a role to play when it comes to food systems and harvesting communities, who are crucial to the global food security.


We present FibreAgent as our pure and natural acacia gum fibre supplement made from the premium highest quality Hashab grade. It is a plant-based 100% single ingredient product, originating from the Sahel region, packaged and tested in a UK FSSC facility.     

Here you will find information on how Acacia gum is a vital and versatile food ingredient and supplement. We share information on how it is harvested, processed and used in our everyday household products from medicines to confectionery, baking and even as a watercolour accessory. We shed light on the importance of supporting the harvesting communities,  without whom this vital food source would not be available to us.

Visit our Blog page to learn more about this fabulous product; how it can benefit your health; how you and I, as key players in the food system, can support its sourcing communities and food sustainability.


FibreAgent is rich soluble acacia fibre supplement. It is taste and smell neutral meaning it can be added to just about anything and simplifies the intake of your daily fibre. 

Good fibre intake, as part of a balanced diet, is the key to gut health. FibreAgent is a natural source of rich soluble fibre that aids and promotes gut and overall health. Its main attributes such as being very soluble, 100% plant-based, low calorific value, low glycemic index and high gut tolerance make it a fibre of choice for all dietary requirements. Halal, Kosher, Vegan, Keto.  

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Dietary fibre is a group of compounds found in plants that cannot be fully digested in our gut. Fibre-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains have been consistently shown to benefit our health and reduce our risk of disease and they remain the best source of fibre. While the exact mechanism for these benefits is widely researched, it is thought, at least in part, to be due to their fibre content.

The UK NHS, the USA FDA and the European EFSA have all set standards for the intake of dietary fibre.

The takeaway fact is that dietary fibre is an extremely important nutrient for gut and overall human health. According to the NHS: How to get more fibre in your diet: There is strong evidence that eating plenty of fibre (commonly referred to as roughage) is associated with a lower risk of heart diseasestroketype 2 diabetes and bowel cancer. Choosing foods with fibre also makes us feel fuller, while a diet rich in fibre can help digestion and prevent constipation." 


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified food sources that can be declared as sources of dietary fibre. Where "dietary fibre" is defined as "soluble and insoluble carbohydrates that FDA has determined have beneficial physiological effects to human health. These effects include lowering blood glucose and cholesterol levels, reduced calorie intake, and increasing the frequency of bowel movements".


Acacia fibre is an excellent source of fibre that is a perfect fit for the definition of dietary fibre above. Extensive research and evidence in this area led the US FDA to include acacia fibre in its list of dietary fibre sources in December 2021.


FibreAgent is acacia fibre that has been carefully selected from the best sources. It's designed to be even more soluble, to ease incorporating it in a wide variety of food and drinks, in aid of supplementing your essential daily fibre intake. It is manufactured in the UK in an ISO 22000 GMP, FSSC facility and is packaged in a high quality resealable, recyclable pouch.


In its raw form, acacia lumps have a gloriously glossy amber nodule shape. FibreAgent is the purified powder form of these handpicked nodules.  

Maison d'acacia gum arabic acacia gum FibreAgent

FibreAgent Acacia - Pure & Naturally Harvested

The harvest of acacia gum is a process, called Gumosis, that has been adopted by the local communities in the Sahel region for centuries and yields the vital Acacia gum that is used globally and in many sectors. Acacia trees of the Sahel region grow in the wild harsh environment (not in plantations) and their harvesting methods are 100% natural.  We carefully select the best sources of acacia gum and the highest quality grade, to provide you with FibreAgent. 

Acacia-Gum-Arabic harvest infographic. Taping Gumosis.
Maison d'acacia gum arabic acacia gum raw and FibreAgent powder

Acacia gum is a sustainable food. Furthermore, its superior properties as a stabilising agent allow it to be used to extend the shelf life of many of our daily foods, thus directly contributing to food affordability and to reducing waste. 

The lives and prosperity of large and often disadvantaged communities in the African Sahel region are also dependent on it. This is an area that we deeply care about and we intend to do our part to make a positive contribution.       

Acacia tree to raw acacia gum nodules to FibreAgent powder
            FibreAgent is 100% Plant-Based Pure & Single Ingredient 
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